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This is the mainpage on this site
You can find several isues about our family here in Sweden and about my work.
Read more about the backgrouns of this site in the next part.
Our family
The family Bevort living in Sweden is still a small family with its roots in the Netherlands.
We moved september 1998 from the Netherlands to Sweden.
To keep our family and friends in the Neterlands updated this site was created in the beginning of 1999.

one of the first steps was to create a map on how to find us in Sweden. This was done to make it easy for our friend to find our new location on the countrysite aproxamately 50 km south of Stockholm.

Slowly some photo's of our house where added in a kind of member area.
Please take a look at Scribax consulting to get an impression about my working skills
Making some photo's for the family to show on the site I realized that some of theme were great wallpapers. This resulted in a separat part focused on wallpapers. I lately did not do so much hire but the resently bought digital camera mmost my get on the job again. so keep coming back.

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